Discover Your Inner Diamond

with Amélie Yan-Gouiffes 


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Discover Your Inner Diamond

with Amélie Yan-Gouiffes 
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Start Speaking & Living Your Legacy with this 3-Week Mini-Course, and join thousands of others who have stepped into their confidence!

Amélie’s Clients Include:​

Boost your Resilience & Turn Crisis into Growth with Amélie’s Services

Advising & Capacity Building

To conquer crises, recover, and bounce forward 

Coaching & Training 

To Shine Your Inner Diamond, Live Your Legacy, & Make an Impact

Motivational Speaking

To breathe purpose into your company or event

Work with Amélie

Thrive through crisis and shine your inner diamond with Amélie's Elevator Pitch Mastery Course. 

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E-Pitch Mastery

Imagine you are in an elevator and your ideal client, investor, donor or employer is standing next to you; they ask: "What do you do?" You have 60 seconds to:

💎 Trigger their interest and create a business opportunity.

💎 Share what is important to you and in a way that honors your values and your personality.

💎 Make a difference in your life, business or organization

We are going to work together on making these 60 seconds passionate and powerful. 

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Meet Amélie

Amélie Yan-Gouiffes is an author, coach, and motivational speaker. She is an international expert in crisis management and resilience. For nearly 25 years, Amélie worked in areas struck by natural disaster, war, and socio-political chaos in different parts of the globe.

And, in 2020, she encountered her own crisis in battling cancer.

Amélie’s understanding of adversity (on both professional and personal levels) is what fuels her mission today — to empower others to thrive through crisis.

As an advisor, she leads government officials, communities and entrepreneurs on building resilience and recovering after crises. As a coach and speaker, she imparts stories and practical tools, inspiring others to appreciate change and learn how to flourish, even against all odds. 

As an author, Amélie leaves a legacy of the valuable life  lessons she’s learned through her work, encounters, travels and, perhaps most importantly, through her experiences being human.

More about Amélie: 

  • She has delivered motivational talks in Spain, Iran, France, Thailand, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, South Africa and in many other countries around the globe.
  • She speaks fluently English, French and Spanish.
  • Her philanthropy initiative – Speak and Live Your Legacy© Project – empowers children and youth to share their voices and shape their leadership.
  • Her dream: a world where we can all Be, Belong and Become.

Work with Amélie

Get Her Latest Book, Speak & Live Your Legacy. 

"Our legacy needs to be what we live. Now, when it really counts."

The day we depart and look back on our life will be too late. There will be no time left to catch up, to create or to complete what we have not yet accomplished. Our legacy needs to be what we live. Now, when it really counts. Something that makes us jump out of bed in the morning, all fired up. Something that fuels our life and business. We already mark an imprint in people, in our communities and in the world through who we are, what we do and what we create. Let us capture it and take it to the next level! Business studies show that purpose at the core of a corporate strategy results in sustainable profitable growth. Personal development research demonstrates that purpose at the core of our actions and our work results in happiness and success.

Amélie shares six unforgettable stories of people, resilience, and resourcefulness.  

Women, men and children from Colombia, Guatemala, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cameroon, Afghanistan and North Korea will take you to the journey of acknowledging and embracing your inner diamond for a legacy fully lived in the now, in your personal, professional and business life.

Available worldwide in English (Speak and Live Your Legacy) and Spanish (Expresa y Vive tu Huella) in eBook or paperback.

Rave Reviews of Speak & Live Your Legacy!

"practical book filled with inspiring stories on how to find the rough diamond within you, and how by facing and tackling the challenges of life, you can keep on polishing your diamond to optimize its brilliance. By understanding who you are, who you want to be, and what you will do, you can mindfully craft your own legacy as you journey through life." 


- Fred Mouawad, Elite diamantaire, Founder of Synergia,
"I read this book cover to cover as it was difficult for me to put it down. The stories that Amelie tells are full of humanity, kindness, and fire. After reading this book, I feel like I can run a marathon, go on humanitarian missions, talk to random people more, but mostly I feel the need to be kinder to myself. Thank you for your legacy, Amelie."

- Anggun, World's Best-selling Asian female recording artist 

"It is partly a meditation on the human condition and partly a distillation of life lessons. Speak and Live Your Legacy is a breath of fresh air. It doesn't preach. It invites you to embark on an inner journey that will manifest positive changes in your worldly life." 


- Kamal Kishore, National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA)

"So many people are searching for a deeper meaning in life, and struggle to find it. In Speak & Live Your Legacy, Amélie guides you through her rich stories while she traveled the world, with the right formula to help you create and experience a rich and meaningful life."


- Rock Thomas,
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"Overcoming Challenges to Reveal Your Inner Diamond" with 1LifeFullyLived

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What Clients are Saying . . . 

“I invited Amélie during a Michelin Asia special event to discover innovative ways of working. Thanks to her speech, she managed to move and motivate us to give the best of ourselves, in our lives and at work. She also gave us very practical tips on how to go for it immediately. She has been a key actor to the success of our day. Do not hesitate to invite her if you want to motivate your staff, teams, partners!”

- Florence Hennion, Senior Purchaser Human Resources Services, Michelin, France

“I've just completed Amélie’s Public Speaking program with passion and active involvement. Each session was highly interesting and challenging. I haven't missed one! The benefit? The best comment is from my boss on a presentation I gave upon completion of the program: "It was worth the investment!"

- Aline Boulom
Director Mobility & Recruitment , Accor, Asia

“Our Chamber of Commerce asked for Amélie's expertise training on speaking skills for our Thai and French staff. Amelie managed to create the adequate safe space to experience, to fail and learn from it and end being successful. The dynamic of those workshops is amazing and incline people to do more and better, in a creative and generous approach.”

- Faustine Glairon-Mondet
Human Resources Director at Ataway France, Former HR director at the Franco-Thai Chamber of Commerce, Thailand

“Amélie is an exceptional coach and mentor! I was amazed by her charisma, her energy and above all her kindness.  She perfectly embodies the words of the poet Maya Angelou: "People will forget what you said or what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel" Amélie you make us feel that nothing is impossible and for that THANK YOU."

- Moufida Mohamed Abdoulhalik, Entrepreneur and Trainer , Comoros

“We were blessed to have Amélie on board of our mentors’ team for our first acceleration program in Thailand. If you want to convey an impactful message in a limited time, convince your audience and communicate with confidence, I highly recommend you hire Amélie as your coach.”

- Yoav Elgrichi
Founder at ImpacTech, Singapore

“Amélie is a superb speaker, her motivational speech was really amazing and the audience was fascinated by her story. Thank you Amélie for being so positive and energetic!”

- Emmanuel Fauvel, Steering Committee La French Tech, Thailand

Work with Amélie

Free Access to Amélie's "Discover Your Inner Diamond" Mini-Course

Start Speaking & Living Your Legacy with this 3-Week Mini-Course, and join thousands of others who have stepped into their confidence!