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Do you struggle with effectively pitching your talents or services?

Then it's time to learn how to express yourself with techniques to infuse your pitch with your passion, personality, and values in this 8-week online course. Together, we will grow your confidence and structure your 60-second pitch, so that you can speak and live your legacy. 

Pitch Essentials

Learn and implement the secrets to an effective 60-second pitch with my step-by-step approach. 


Showcase your individuality, passion, and personality, so that your pitch is uniquely you.

New Opportunities

Ignite your sense of possibility as you regain your confidence and build your network. 

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Caroline Dream

International clown trainer |Self-Empowerment through Clown

"In this wonderful 8 week course, Amélie takes you by the hand and, with an ever-present smile, takes you through all the essential components of crafting an impactful e-pitch. It has helped me clarify my objectives, hone in on my most important talents, highlight what’s most important to me and of course, polish my e-pitch.

The course has inspired me to do some very in-depth thinking and its compendium of tips, tools and resources will accompany me into other areas of my business.”

Jeanne Bahama

Social Entrepreneur, based in Cameroon 

"What do you do?” It seems like an easy question to answer, but it's surprisingly difficult. My days were so busy and, in the evening, I harvested no results because I didn't know what I wanted. As we say in our local terminology, Coach Amélie practices "magic!" With her I gained confidence in myself and she gave me the tools to dig into my inner being and find out what exactly I'm doing that aligns with my personality, my talents and beyond, and how to present myself properly and simultaneously feel fulfilled. 

Is this you? 

- Are you unsatisfied with your answer to the question, "What do you do?"

- Are you transitioning professionally, and want to speak with strength and confidence during interviews?

-Or perhaps you're uncomfortable at promoting yourself, and would like to thrive at networking events. 

I once felt that way too. 

Until I learned how to pass on my message with conviction, captivate my audience, and become an outstanding ambassador of my brand.

And you can do it too!


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See What My Clients  Are Saying...

Enrique Medina Jarquin

Organizational Development Consultant, Spain

"I just finished the elevator pitch workshop. It was a journey full of discovery, a catapult of self-esteem and great networking." 


Alfia S.

C.E.O of Kiidu, Thailand

“Your coaching made my presentation skills shine and made me a better public speaker. You have a unique capability and approach. I am highly convinced that you can help anyone become a better pitcher and presenter."

Yoav Elgrichi

Founder of ImpactTech, Singapore

"This program gave us key practical techniques to manage stress, to structure a powerful pitch and to convince an audience. Her coaching has an empowering impact."


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Do you want an effective pitch that sounds like who you are and what you want to project?

In this 8-week training, you'll have access to a methodology tested by more than 600 participants of 20 different nationalities that you can reuse at any time, for a new project or for a professional transition. 

At the end of this training, you'll have an effective pitch that sounds like who you are and what you want to project, more confidence and an ignited sense of possibility, and an extensive network of people who, like you, want to grow and live their legacy.


  • 8 weeks of digital training and materials to learn the essential elements of a 60-second pitch in a step-by-step approach.
  • The secrets of an effective pitch - the ones you won't find elsewhere, the little tricks that will really make a difference.

  • Techniques to express your personality and values. 

  • Unlimited life-time access to the English-speaking E-Pitch Mastery forum.
  • Work at your own pace, where and when you want.
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We are still in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis. Wouldn't you agree that:

We must regain confidence in our talents and our possibilities

There is an urgent need to strengthen our resilience, to bounce forward, to step into recovery mode.

Since the beginning of the crisis, I have been working in Europe with entrepreneurs, leaders and professionals on their resilience and coaching management. I realized that the elevator pitch is a fundamental tool to be able to present your project, your company, your professional profile effectively. It's even more relevant in times of crisis, to strengthen our resilience and our ability to bounce back, higher and further. 

Are you ready to gain back your confidence and open up new doors?


Let's Start Our 8-Week Journey Together!

How I harnessed my elevator pitch and immediately got more opportunities: 

In 2014, I made the decision to leave a 17-year career in international humanitarian organizations and ventured into contribution through entrepreneurship.

I felt uncomfortable about self-promotion and expressing my value, but I understood the need to raise interest about our passion and skills in one single moment. 

I then turned to research and discovered the elevator pitch - how 60 seconds prepared in advance will send a clear and attractive message.

I trained myself, I prepared a pitch and I went to a networking event.

And, it worked. It worked - I had something to say.

But it was a pitch that wasn't me. 

I brainstormed, reworked it, tested and re-tested my pitch and it was like magic: I found a pitch which combined efficiency and personality, and expressed what I do and who I am in a memorable way. 

I developed my Elevator Pitch Bootcamp so that you can experience the same confidence and connection. 

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